Acoustic Leak Detection (ALD)
Operational efficiency

It’s time to say goodbye

To think forward and prepare for the future, sometimes we need to change perspectives and say goodbye. This is also true within water metering. With technology rapidly changing, this is the perfect time to say goodbye to mechanical metering and hello to the benefits of smart metering.

For years, the mechanical meter has been the natural choice. But in today’s digital world where the need for communication and connectivity increases by the day, good is no longer good enough. Smart metering is the future and the advantages are many.

The ultrasonic meter has no moving parts, unlike mechanical meters. This means that it is less affected by wear and tear which maintains accuracy over its entire lifetime. Besides from enabling correct billing, this also enhances data quality.

In contrast to the mechanical meter, the ultrasonic meter also holds remote reading capabilities without use of any add-on devices. Not only does this contribute to a significant decrease in data collection time. It also improves resource distribution as you avoid misreading's and follow-ups, save time and money for more value-adding activities and obtain a broader spectra of data from which you can better service your customers.

Finally, intelligent alarms in the ultrasonic meter enable efficient detection of leaks, bursts, reverse flows etc. and thereby lower the amount of Non-Revenue Water in your distribution network and prevent revenue loss.

How the ultrasonic principle works and its benefits

The ultrasonic principle based measuring technology is undoubtedly one of the most reliable technologies within static metering. No moving parts ensure pinpoint accuracy without any maintenance efforts and costs.

Check out the video for more details on how Kamstrup ultrasonic meters work.


The ultrasonic meter has no moving parts and is, thus, less affected by wear and tear. This means that it maintains accuracy throughout its entire lifetime, therefore enabling correct billing and better data quality.

Remote reading

Remote reading of the ultrasonic water meter can reduce meter reading time from several weeks to a few hours. It enables accurate data, better resource distribution and improved customer service.

Water loss

Intelligent alerts in the ultrasonic water meter enable efficient leak detection and lower the amount of non-revenue water – because the faster a leak is detected and stopped, the less water is lost as a result of it.

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