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Acoustic leak detection


Setting up for success

Implementation of a smart metering solution with acoustic leak detection, including the flowIQ® 2200 meter and the Leak Detector analytics module, is done in close cooperation with Kamstrup to ensure that you get off to the best possible start. You can choose between different options for how much support and training you need.

A range of service and training offerings are available to support you in fighting Non-Revenue Water with implementation of the flowIQ® 2200 and Leak Detector software.


What if your meters could hear the leaks you cannot see?

Let your smart meter work for you to help locate leaks and create an unprecedented transparency across your distribution network. Acting like a fine-meshed network of noise loggers, the flowIQ® 2200 listens to both the distribution lines and service connections to detect possible leaks.

Watch the movie to learn more about our acoustic leak detection solution or click on the link below to read more.


flowIQ® 2200

Smart water meter with integrated acoustic leak detection. 


With flowIQ® 2200, you get uncompromising accuracy, state-of-the art acoustic leak detection, support for remote reading and a host of other intelligent features in one superior meter with up to 20 years lifetime.

flowIQ® 2200 works for you to detect possible leaks in both your service connections and distribution mains by monitoring noise patterns which ultimately enables you to identify leaks before they become larger scale issues.


Leak Detector

Leaks can be caused by a variety of reasons and often difficult to detect. With acoustic noise data from your water meters, leaks can now be detected in an entirely new way. Leak Detector, the analytics module in conjunction with the flowIQ® 2200 enables you to locate leaks based on acoustic noise levels registered by the meter which mean you can spend your time fixing the leaks rather than searching blindly to find them.

Söderhamn Nära saves customers from water damage

Söderhamn Nära AB, Sweden

Today, Söderhamn Nära AB uses flowIQ® 2200 smart meters combined with the Leak Detector analytics tool to identify and verify potential leaks. The smart metering solution with acoustic leak detection enables targeted detection efforts at specific locations, ensuring efficient use of resources. So far, they have found more than 100 leaks in service connections or inside homes and properties in Söderhamn alone.