Water loss
Smart metering

Chicopee Rural Water District

Chicopee Rural Water District reduces water loss and improves billing

Chicopee Rural Water District has a rich history in the rural water community; Chicopee is the first-ever rural water district in the state of Kansas and second in the nation. In 2015, the water district decided to update their system by installing electronic water meters. “We talked extensively
with three different smart water meter suppliers,” says Jerry Lomshek, Vice Chair of the board and district bookkeeper for Chicopee Rural Water District. “Together with our operator, Ed Thompson, we recommended the Kamstrup meter reading system to the board, and they agreed and approved it.”

No re-reads or extensive billing processing

With the accurate flowIQ® water meter, it eliminates the need for re-reads. “The input of meter readings into our billing system is automatic now. It shortens the time I spend on billing.” – Jerry Lomshek, Vice Chair of the board and district bookkeeper for Chicopee Rural Water District

Zero water loss

The accuracy of the water meter also helps Chicopee reduce its water loss. “Since we’ve switched to electronic water meters, our water loss has dropped dramatically. We have almost zero water loss in our system.” Chicopee Rural Water District purchases their water from a wholesale supply district. With the new smart meters, when they compare their master meter reads with their customers’ usage, and the results show that the district is accounting for every drop of water they purchase and distribute to customers.

Chicopee Rural Water District is also using the Kamstrup AMR system to help improve customer support. “If a customer has a high reading, we can pull up the record to see when the increase occurred,” says Lomshek. “We’ve been real pleased with the system and everyone at Kamstrup has been very helpful.”

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