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Intelligent metering solutions for water companies


Every day, water professionals all over the world work to ensure a safe and stable water supply. They juggle challenges like water scarcity, Non-Revenue Water and long-term investments while solving the day-to-day tasks of running a modern water utility. Luckily, digitalization, innovation and intelligent use of data helps them do all of that. 

Read our customer stories and learn how other water utilities use smart metering to create concrete results such as reduced water loss, increased revenue protection and optimised operations.


An AMI Water Meter Solution that Paid for Itself


Explosive growth, Failing Mechanical Meters, Migration to AMI metering

Faced with financial risk and a loss of faith in their existing meter, Milcrofton began looking for a new advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution.


The AMI Water Meter that Modernized Madison County


Acoustic Leak Detection, AMI Solution, Non-Revenue Water

Challenged by increased demand, a growing customer base and a system that was administered by the city, Madison County decided it was time to transition to an AMI water meter solution.

In doing so, they would be overhauling their systems in the ground and in the office.





people digging a whole to fix a leaking water pipe
people digging a whole to fix a leaking water pipe