Software and installation guides

For meters and meter reading systems

M-Bus Master

Software and installation guides for M-Bus Master MultiPort 250D and 250L

Wireless M-Bus Dongle

Software for wireless M-Bus Dongle

USB Meter Reader

Register here for access to a USB meter reader

• Wireless M-Bus, 868 MHz
• Wired M-Bus
• USA, 915 MHz
• India, 865 MHz
• Australia / New Zealand, 923 MHz
• 2-way-radio, 434 MHz

Kamstrup USB

Driver and installation guide for common USB.

Ensemble Water Meter Display

Installation guide and software for USB commissioning tool.

MULTICAL Module Programmer

Software for configuring communication addresses in the meter via the optical eye.


In an effort to make it easier for our customers to get an overview of all our services, we have moved the function download METERTOOL and LogView to Kamstrup’s New ServiceDesk.

In the New Service Desk you will be able to access our services, such as creating support cases, downloading support programmes and creating Service Repair Orders.

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