Based on the latest ultrasonic technology, flowIQ® 4200 offers industry-leading accuracy and measures even small consumption thanks to a low start flow. With no moving parts, flowIQ® 4200 maintains a high and stable accuracy during its lifetime. flowIQ® 4200 is available in sizes from DN125 to DN-300 and has 4 transducers ensuring super accurate readings with low error margin.

Ultrasonic measuring technology
Kamstrup smart water meters are based on the latest ultrasonic technology that ensures high accuracy and reliability throughout the entire lifetime. The meter also allows for completely flexible mounting and offers low start flows. For more than 30 years, Kamstrup has produced ultrasonic meters with uncompromising precision whether they are installed in the cold of Iceland or the heat of the Middle East.

While the benefits are convincing, you might wonder how measuring water with ultrasound actually works. Learn more about the technology and its benefits here.