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The ideal ultrasonic meter for measuring cold water consumption in larger facilities and water works

flowIQ® 3100 is a static water meter with integrated radio transmission that enables secure and rapid collection of remotely read data. It is developed on the basis of Kamstrup’s 25 years of experience within the development and production of static ultrasonic meters. The advanced ultrasonic measurement technique makes flowIQ® 3100 an ideal choice for measuring cold water consumption in households, water works and industry. The combination of pinpoint measuring accuracy, longevity and long range communication significantly reduces operating costs and minimises unexpected expenses.

Packed with intelligent features

Ultrasonic measurement technique
Low start flow
Leak surveillance
Integrated radio communication
Data logging and remote reading
Drive-by or network
Internal lithium battery with up to 16 years of life
100 % vacuum sealed construction
Environmentally friendly

Pinpoint measuring accuracy

With its sophisticated ultrasonic measurement technique flowIQ® 3100 measures every single drop of water used in larger facilities and water works and effectively prevent after-flow.

The ultrasonic principle includes no moving parts, so the meter maintains consistent and pinpoint accuracy throughout its entire lifetime. This not only ensures accurate and fair billing of customers, it can also increase utilities’ revenue.


flowIQ® 3100 is hermetically closed and has no moving parts, which both make it resistant to dust and damp environments and ensure that it is unaffected by wear and tear. Its rugged construction ensures that the meter is suitable for complex piping and that existing piping and installation conditions are not obstacles to either vertical or horizontal installation. 

Its pinpoint accuracy and minimal operational costs make flowIQ® 3100 the best and most cost-effective solution in the long run for measuring cold water consumption in households, water works and industry.

Long range

flowIQ® 3100 comes with the newest radio technology, including built-in wireless and Wired M-Bus data communication, to meet increasing demands for smart metering. This enables remote reading and the built-in radio can be configured for both ’drive-by’ reading and fixed network reading like for example Kamstrup RadioLink.

The powerful antenna transmits a high-power radio signal with intelligent coding to the network, which provides a long-range signal and can therefore also be read from long distances.


flowIQ® 3100 has been MID approved and type tested according to OIML R49. It is watertight, IP68 type tested and therefore also suitable for installation in meter pits.

flowIQ® 3100 has been subjected to comprehensive type tests with a view to securing a long-term stable, accurate and reliable water meter for household consumption, waterworks and industrial applications.

MID certified ● DK-0200-MI001-017 ● OIML R 49

Technical information

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