Residential electricity meters

OMNIPOWER® single-phase and three-phase smart meters

High-precision smart meter

Top 5 features of the OMNIPOWER electricity meter

The OMNIPOWER single-phase and three-phase smart meters are for residential applications. As a high-end smart meter, equipped with a wide range of communication modules, it offers the standard features of a genuine smart meter like 4-quadrant metering, power quality registration and remote disconnect.

Smart home

Engage the consumers

The OMNIPOWER meter for residential applications is the optimal solution when focusing on consumer engagement.

The meter is smart home enabled and allows text messages in the meter display and when connected to a network infrastructure, it wirelessly transmits real-time consumption data, text messages,

alerts and price information to an in-house display in the household.

In this way, the consumer can both follow his daily electricity consumption closely and react to any changes in consumption or information provided in the in-house display – and is encouraged to change his

consumption patterns in order to save both energy and money.

At the same time, equipped with a MUC module, the meter constitutes the core element in a multi-utility solution and can collect data from heat, cooling and water meters within the household.

In short: The OMNIPOWER meters for residential applications

  • Prepared for smart home applications
  • Optimised for smart metering systems
  • Secured against tampering
  • Resistant to errors in the supply network
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Remote firmware update
  • Power quality measurements according to EN50160
  • DLMS/COSEM interface

Comprehensive information

Get a full overview of the grid load via energy and power information

OMNIPOWER holds comprehensive data and event loggers – with logging intervals of 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes.

Data can be read from the OMNIPOWER meters on a daily, hourly or even quarter-hourly basis, giving you the full overview of the load on the grid. With this information, you can manage the demand side by, for example, introducing time-based tariffs and thereby reduce the load on the grid at specific times.

Furthermore, the OMNIPOWER meter measures active, reactive and apparent power and energy and supports the production from renewables, registering net billing data in relation to micro-generated power, e.g. residential solar panels and residential windmills.

The Kamstrup electricity meter supports seamless integration via the DLMS/COSEM and IEC 62056-21 data collection protocols as system integration interface. This ensures a standardized interface between the electricity meter and a number of data collection systems.

Technical information

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