Commercial and industrial electricity metering

OMNIPOWER® 3-phase electricity meter and OMNIPOWER® CT electricity meter

Use the OMNIPOWER three-phase meter for power consumption below 100 A and the OMNIPOWER CT meter for consumption above 100 A.

Voltage quality measurement

Grid information provides trouble-free operation and reliability

The OMNIPOWER three-phase electricity meters are optimised for smart metering systems and offer multiple features maximising the utilisation of utility assets. 
Voltage quality measurement, logging of events and real-time load profile generation for all 4 quadrants are standard features, and in addition the meter supports a wide range of communication types.

With detailed information – and with implemented alarms indicating the precise location of any voltage quality issues – the utility can get an overall overview of the voltage quality, react to any issues and shave the costs of poor voltage quality. The reliable and extremely precise OMNIPOWER meters enable the utility to track all

relevant grid information and with this to increase and maintain a trouble-free operation. The meters continuously measure and monitor frequency, dips and swells, voltage outages, voltage unbalance, total harmonic distortion (THD) and power factor.

The utility can use the information to prove the quality of the voltage, and the key to this 

proof lies in the reliability of the metering of power. Fewer customer issues will occur, and the result is better customer service and happy customers. The reliability has been approved by numerous Scandinavian power suppliers using the OMNIPOWER meters.

The voltage quality measurements are based on the European standard EN 50160.

4-quadrant measurements provides an overview of not only consumption and production (A+/A-), but also the reactive energy.

4-quadrant measuring enables a much more precise registration of the energy.

Open communication

The support of various communication modules provides a lot of possibilities

The OMNIPOWER three-phase meters are open for a wide range of communication modules like radio, GSM, GPRS, 3G and M-Bus. The modular construction of the meter enables the utility to add or change the communication type in the meter without disconnecting it and thus without interrupting the supply to the consumer.

At the same time, the meter offers seamless integration and flexibility by providing the DLMS/COSEM and IEC 620156-21 data collection protocols as system integration interface. In this way, a standardized interface between the meter and various data collection systems supporting these specifications is assured.

In short: the OMNIPOWER CT electricity meter

  • Current transformer meter
  • Apparent power values per phase and total (KVA, PF)
  • Power Quality Measurements according to EN50160
  • Optimized for Smart Metering systems
  • Secured against tampering
  • Resistant to errors in the supply network
  • Ultra-low power consumption  
  • Transformer ratio up to 3000A/5A or 600A/1A

Technical information

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