OMNICON Radio Mesh

High reading performance guaranteed

High reading performance

A self-healing smart metering network

The OMNICON Radio Mesh network is designed for high performance. It offers supreme data throughout for meter reading and network maintenance.

A Radio Mesh network is built exclusively with meters and concentrators; no additional infrastructure is required.
OMNIPOWER electricity meters come with an integrated radio unit which is able to communicate with other meters and data concentrators. Each meter is capable of routing communication of other meters, and together they form a tight mesh infrastructure 

with hundreds of alternative communication lines. The OMNICON data concentrators automatically manage and optimise these communication lines. 

As a result, the infrastructure is easy to build and maintain and the high performance in meter readings is beyond comparison.

The OMNICON data concentrator connects the smart meters to the OMNISOFT head-end system through WAN. 

Its intelligent operating system automatically collects load profiles, outage information and similar key information while building a strong and self-healing communication infrastructure and securing data end-to-end.

When you as a utility invest in smart metering and smart grid, you expect the investment to last at least 10-15 years. However, in such a period, markets change and evolve, and new demands are imposed.

To protect your investments, OMNIA Suite offers the possibility of over-the-air (OTA) programming and updates. The OMNICON Radio Mesh network is designed to upload firmware upgrades to an entire smart meter population in less than 48 hours without interfering with daily readings and network management. 

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