Communication infrastructure


Connecting smart meters

High meter reading performance

Experience the ease of wireless technology

High performing Radio Mesh solution

Bringing data safely and consistently back and forth between the head-end system and the meters is an essential part of a well-functioning smart grid. With OMNICON, the communication infrastructure in your smart grid is secured. 

Experience the ease of wireless technology! With OMNICON Radio Mesh network you will build a strong and self-healing communication infrastructure that provides an exceptional reading performance.

Multi-utility data collection
Reading all the household meters from a single point, using only one infrastructure, makes the Multi-Utility Controller a strong solution for multi-utilities and for utilities operating only one supply, but who wish to increase their return on investment.

Substation monitoring

Monitor your secondary substations remotely. Until now, it has not been economically feasible for most utilities to remotely monitor and control secondary substations

 as such solutions required a variety of separate PLCs, data loggers, SCADA PCs and dedicated communication lines – very complicated to integrate, expensive and complicated to install and use. With OMNICON UtiliKeeper® we offer a simple-to-use low-cost solution for remote monitoring of secondary substations.
Consumer energy awareness
Through the OMNICON communication infrastructure, utilities can pass prices, alerts and even text messages to in-home devices. The utilised ZigBee® channel can also be used for targeted load control and sensor connectivity.

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