To think forward and prepare for the future
sometimes you have to say goodbye

See why it’s time to say goodbye to the mechanical water meter and hello to the benefits of smart metering


The ultrasonic meter has no moving parts and is, thus, not affected by wear and tear. This means that it maintains its accuracy throughout its entire lifetime, thereby enabling correct billing and better data quality.

Remote reading

Remote reading of the ultrasonic water meter can reduce data collection time from several weeks to a few hours. It enables accurate data, better resource distribution and improved customer service.

Water loss

Intelligent alerts in the ultrasonic water meter enable efficient leak detection and lower the amount of non-revenue water – because the faster a leak is detected and stopped, the less water is lost as a result of it.

Traditional metering

Smart metering

Mechanical meter
Static meter
Wear and tear over time
Unrelenting precision
Manual reading
Remote reading capabilities
Limited data
Full data overview
No alarms
Intelligent alarms

“Goodbye” is global

Sweden How to say goodbye in Sweden

In Gotland, Sweden, deposits of calcium, iron and sand in the region's mechanical water meters caused incorrect consumption measurements and sometimes meters even stopped working. A gradual shift towards ultrasonic meters and a meter reading solution led to:
  • Meters unaffected by mineral deposits and resistant to wear and tear
  • Accurate remote readings and easy billing
  • A lifetime up to 16 years

USA How to say goodbye in USA

The water infrastructure of Fairview Water District in Oregon, USA, suffered from poor accuracy at low flow levels, limited staff for manual readings and no remote reading capabilities. Replacing mechanical meters with ultrasonic meters and a meter reading solution led to:
  • Having the resources to improve the distribution network
  • Measuring every drop, thus protecting revenue
  • Easy remote reading in a third of the time it previously took

Denmark How to say goodbye in Denmark

At Skanderborg Supply Company, Denmark, they have an ambitious vision of being the country’s most modern water company by 2017. Replacing mechanical meters with ultrasonic meters was the first step, and from this, both the utility and their customers benefit from:
  • Lower operational costs – year after year
  • Automatic data collection and accurate billing
  • Time saving during daily operations at the utility

Hungary How to say goodbye in Hungary

In Budapest, Hungary, renovations of the historic buildings of Andrássy Avenue made old and beautiful go hand in hand with innovation and state-of-the-art technology. Shifting to ultrasonic meters and a third-party reading system in a building with new luxury apartments led to:
  • Meters with low operating costs and a lifetime of up to 16 years 
  • Continuous accuracy, thus fair billing of the tenants
  • Easy leakage detection, thus fast reaction time

Ready to say goodbye?

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