System integration

For a seamless smart grid implementation

Seamless integration

Integration of meter data management systems

Kamstrup’s smart metering infrastructure is built in a way that makes it easy to integrate third party meter data management systems and at the same time securing a smart metering system that is easy to update with new features.

Our headend system – UtiliDriver® – creates a seamless link between the communication infrastructure and the Meter Data Management system, which means that any firmware upgrade or addition of new functionality can take place without changing the MDM. 

The utility will get the benefit of adding new innovation and security updates according to latest standards and avoids risk-taking as Kamstrup takes responsibility of the infrastructure on the meter communication-side of the headend system.

Trouble free system integration

System integrators, who wish to integrate Kamstrup’s wireless smart metering system (based on GPRS or RF Mesh) with their own meter data management system, will experience a trouble-free process and a high-performing system.

Open standard system integrator

UtiliDriver® is based on an open standard interface with OBIS/COSEM. Using web service interface and REST technology, we have secured that UtiliDriver® can integrate with almost any MDM platform.

Test our system integration in a live environment

With the possibility of integrating several head-end systems from different smart meter suppliers into the utility’s meter data management system, the utility enjoys the maximum flexibility in being able to choose the communication technology that fits best a given topography. We offer a test environment with live meters and RF concentrators where you can test the feasibility of your system integration.