Data security

End-to-end protection

Built-in security

Strong security measures provide flawless and secure operation

Smart meters, communication infrastructure and IT systems are the fundamental building blocks of a smart grid. Significant harm can arise from malicious attacks, natural disasters or human errors disrupting the infrastructure and 
thereby the smart grid. To ensure flawless and secure operation, strong security measures are required in every element and on all levels. Security has to be an intrinsic part of the architecture and included in the system from the very beginning.

Our smart metering solution OMNIA is using the latest security standards, technologies and practices to ensure end-to-end protection of devices and communication infrastructure.

High security level

In order to obtain secure utility procedures Kamstrup has a comprehensive view of security firmly anchored in a common overall security policy. 

The holistic security approach ensures that the technical security measures built into the products are connected and contribute to the total system security. It is ensured that the organizational processes for development, production and roll-out also support the ultimate aim to deliver a secure system to utilities.

OMNIA Smart Grid Suite

OMNIA ensures a high level of security, whether it is related to meter readings, access to log files or upload of new legal firmware to all meters in the network. Non-authorised persons are denied access to sensitive information (data privacy) and to commands, which can be used to disconnect power supply or manipulate meter data (data security).

Security architecture

The security architecture of OMNIA follows a defence-in-depth strategy towards minimising the impact of a single failure/breach. The backbone is a state-of-the-art encryption, covering all communication within and between components preventing intruders from reading and/or manipulating data and commands. 

Encryption is based on 128 bit encryption (AES128-CTR), symmetric encryption and individual keys. Combined with a novel key management strategy, this makes a future-proof encryption solution.