The little energy meter that can be installed anywhere!

Ultrasonic meter - flow sizes

qp 0.6...2.5 m³/h

Water temperatures

Heating 2…130 °C, Cooling 2...130 °C / 2…50 °C

Data logger

960 hours + 460 days + 24 months + 15 years 50 events


M-Bus or Wireless M-Bus C1 or T1

The meter can be configured on site for installation in the inlet or outlet position enabling easy stock planning and holding.

Easy to install

The compact heat/cooling meter MULTICAL 302 can be rotated during installation within narrow dimensions enabling optimal reading of the display at all times in the most confined spaces. This makes it an ideal choice where room is limited for example on heat interface units and in apartments.

Configuration on site

As with all MULTICAL energy meters, this meter employs the highly accurate and reliable ultrasonic technology. Every conceivable drop is measured due to the 1:1600 from start to saturation flow (1:250 from qp1:qp) reducing loss of distributed energy.

MULTICAL 302 has low pressure loss of below 0.1 bar which reduces the amount of electrical energy required to the circulation pumps in the utility.

The meter is MID approved Class 2. It is available in a limited number of sizes

and also comes with option of being read remotely using Wireless M-Bus or M-Bus.

Configuration on site

The easy and user-friendly configuration of the meter on-site reduces installation time and errors.

The energy meter, MULTICAL 302, meets the needs of both installers and meter readers due to its usability and functional design.

By means of a one-button system, MULTICAL 302 can be configured on-site without any need for special tools or equipment.

According to local requirements, the installer programmes all essential parameters in the energy meter on-site - even the inlet/outlet-position. This reduces stock for alternative meters and saves time.

Technical information

Are you looking for more detailed information? Please click the button below to find data sheets, manuals and brochures related to this product free for download.

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