The easy way to remote meter reading of water and heat

READy - Network Reading

READy is a unique solution for fast and simple remote meter reading of water and heat

Read all of the heat and water meters using a network or combine it with mobile reading

READy is a modern and efficient solution for remote reading of water meters and heat meters. READy can be used for mobile reading or network reading directly from the utility, and the solution can easily be adjusted to meet different reading requirements. 

Remote meter reading in two steps
You can start by reading meters remotely via mobile reading from a car, and expand you solution to network reading at a later time. You can also start with network reading where meters are read directly on a daily or hourly basis via one or several fixed data collection units.
Combined remote meter reading
You can also choose to combine mobile and network reading, where the data is read directly via a network in individual areas and via mobile reading in others. Network reading can easily be expanded, so you can start in areas with larger quantities of meters, areas that are inaccessible for mobile reading or areas where close monitoring of consumption is desired.

Regardless of whether you choose a mobile or a networked meter reading solution, there is direct access to support, and meter data is stored safely at Kamstrup.

The easy way to remote meter reading of water and heat

It does not have to be hard to get started with remote meter reading. With a READy meter reading system, you can say goodbye to manual reading, reporting via the internet and estimated calculations. Now you can personally read consumption data automatically, without disturbing consumers.

Smart water metering with READy Manager

Smart metering is not only a question of measuring consumption. Optimal data utilisation depends on, how data is presented and used. READy Manager offers a variety of tools customised for modern water utilities. These tools can help you to obtain an overview and utilise your meter data to its full extend. 

With READy Manager you can get access to:
  • Surveillance of non revenue water
  • Pressure optimization
  • Visualisation of consumption connected with alarms
  • Priority reading of up to 50 optional meters which will be read in 5-minute intervals 

Designed for "DIY"

Getting started with READy network reading is easy.
A data collection unit consists of one or two antennas, which capture the signal from the meters, and a concentrator, which sends the meter data to the central software, READy Manager. 
The collection unit is simple to install and comes with instructions, which ensures the unit is installed correctly the first time.

"READy just works! Even without lots of training, it's easy to use, and we avoid double work and minimise the risk of error," says Olav Worm Nielsen, from Thisted Water Company, Denmark.

Test it before leaving the installation

You can check, which meters a concentrator can read, simply by using a mobile optimised website and entering the serial number. 
When you install new meters, you can check that they can be read by the system on the same site before leaving the installation – this way you never have to disturb the consumers more than once.

Get a tool that supports your daily work

How to process data from a remote meter reading system

The meters and data are processed in READy Manager, which has a simple user interface with a start screen and icon-based navigation, making the program intuitive and simple to use. 
Integrating the existing customer database is typically the first step in the implementation of READy. This is easily done, using a generic import function, which makes it possible to import almost any data format. In addition, the data can be checked for errors using a validation function, which ensures that all of the relevant data is accessible in READy Manager.
As soon as the operator, who is responsible for the mobile reading of meters, synchronises his mobile device, the meter data is accessible in READy Manager.
Meters can be read on a daily or hourly basis with fixed data collection units. The overview menu shows all of the meters with info codes including information about the info code as pure text. 
To simplify the integration with third party settlement systems, READy Manager provides the option for exporting data in flexible formats. Data can either be exported on an ad hoc basis or by setting up an automatic job, which exports the data at a desired interval. Alternatively, the READy Manager can also be set up to automatically send data via email at desired interval.

Technical information

For more detailed information, just click the button below to download free data sheets, manuals and brochures about READy.

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