Much more than measuring consumption

READy Manager

Optimal utilisation of meter data with READy Manager

Measuring and billing consumption is a key task for any water utility. However, smart water metering is not just a question about increased accuracy and correct billing.

It is also about developing and improving relations to the consumers. It is about operational optimisations, quality control, revenue protection, asset management and much more.

It is about being capable of making the right choices and investments – based on more than just estimates and theoretical models.   More about water metering
Meter data can be used for much more than accurate billing only. Increased knowledge about the distribution network and improved utilisation of data, can give you continuous access to updated knowledge about consumption, pressure and non revenue water – as well as the tools to transform this knowledge into concrete optimisations, reduced water waste and fewer bursts. In other words, it can lead to intelligent trouble shooting and optimization of your network.

With a smart metering solution from Kamstrup, you will get easy access to all of your data, including a series of tools which help you to be proactive in you planning and daily work. Furthermore you will get exact readings to use for accurate billing of the consumers. 

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Utilise your meter data and see the bigger picture

Utilisation of data depends very much on how it is presented. Therefore, READy Manager now offers a range of functions which easily gives you an overview of your data and the tools to utilise it. 

READy Manager can visualise the consumption of individual meters as a bar chart over a given period of time. This can then be coupled with alarms to show any connections between the consumption and a given alarm. Therefore, many customer inquiries regarding consumption and troubleshooting can be processed directly from the utility - thus reducing the number of field visits. When the events leading to a burst or leakage is known, the starting time and location can be identified more easily. Thus, the problem can be corrected faster and the water waste minimized. 

Manage your water waste

READy Manager includes an effective water waste analysis which continuously keeps you up to date on the amount of wasted water in the entire network or in selected areas. Instead of one annual calculation of water waste, you can now get a continuous overview and react as soon as the tendency in an area is rising. 

You can detect leaks and bursts far earlier thereby limiting the non-revenue water. By comparing water waste from different sections, READy Manager can also be used to focus your active leakage search, and provide the basis for prioritising and dimensioning when renovating the distribution network. Thus, you can take actions where it is needed the most and where it will create the most value for both the utility and the consumers. 

Measuring and optimising pressure creates great advantages

Extend the asset lifetime, lower your leakage losses and save energy

The pressure in your distribution network affects both the energy consumption as well as the number of leakages or bursts. In addition, there is a clear connection between your maximum pressure and the number of pipe bursts in your network. 

Nevertheless, knowledge about pressure is often limited to information about the extraction pressure combined with sporadic measurements.

A READy network reading solution lets you collect information about the pressure in your distribution network. By installing Kamstrup pressure meters in strategic places in the network, you will get valuable information about your possibilities for optimizing the pressure. 
If you use hydraulic models, the information about pressure can also be used as an input for, and calibration of, the models. 
Often, it will be possible – either in certain periods of time or permanently -  to lower the general pressure in the network creating tangible advantages in the form of lower operation- and energy expenses as well as a distinct decrease in water waste. More about pressure optimisation
When the pressure is under constant surveillance, water utilities can operate much closer to the minimum demands.

A reduction in pressure creates an opportunity for decreasing water loss from leaks in the network. Meanwhile pressure meters will warn if the pressure should drop to a critical level. A pressure reduction of 10 % will – depending on the pipe material – result in a leakage reduction of 10-20 %.  

Furthermore, pressure meters from Kamstrup will register any harmful pressure shocks, enabling you to identify the sources and eliminate them. Fewer pressure shocks means fewer incidents regarding pipe bursts and markedly lower costs.
By minimizing pressure and reducing pressure shocks in the network, the general stress on the distribution network is reduced, which extends the lifetime of the components.  More about Kamstrup’s pressure sensors

Focus your troubleshooting and optimisation with priority meters

Meter data is the foundation for the utility’s analysis and decisions. In some cases, it can be an advantage with shorter reading intervals in order to get the necessary information. 

Thus, READy Manager can upgrade up to 50 optional meters to priority meters, which will be read in 5-minute intervals. The priority meters can either be regular household meters, larger district meters or pressure meters, depending on which kind of information you need. You can continuously change which meters are read as priority meters, if your analytical needs change. 

Remote reading with READy

In order for you to get full access to the many possibilities within analysis and optimizations in READy Manager, your meters need to be read by a READy network. 

With READy network reading, all your meters are read automatically on a daily or hourly basis by one or more permanent data collection units. 
A data collection unit consists of one or two antennas which collects the signal from the meters, and a concentrator which transmits the data to your READy Manager. 

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