The future of smart water metering

Major global trends are having a profound effect on the water industry. Market competition intensifies and cost constraints tighten while themes like water scarcity, urbanization and aging infrastructure are growing into major concerns. 
Utilities and water providers are being driven to find more cost effective ways to run their business and must look for new ways of optimizing their work to find the right balance between covering operating costs, managing assets and supporting conservation.
At Kamstrup, we believe that a completely transparent distribution network and knowledge are the keys to meeting these challenges, and we want to share our vision and knowledge with you!
Read on and find a wealth of inspiration on the potential behind smart metering. Learn how increased digitalisation can help you optimize operations, read how pressure management can be used to bring down energy costs or download one of our white papers on smart water metering.

Sızıntıyı Yenin

Gelir getirmeyen su ve su kaybını azaltmak, doğru zamanda doğru bilgiye ulaştığınızda çok daha kolay ve kat kat fazla etkilidir.

A digital future for water utilities, today

The digital utility is rapidly developing. New resources and tools are now available to help utilities getting an overview of the entire distribution network - all the way to the consumers.
Download our white paper and learn how smart metering and digitalisation can benefit your utility on 6 concrete levels.

Pressure optimisation in the network

With detailed knowledge about damaging pressure surges and the general network pressure, you can optimise the pressure in order to secure customer satisfaction, limit the number of leaks or bursts and minimize the energy consumption of the pumps.

Our customer success stories

Kamstrup provides ultrasonic meters for metering tap water consumption. Smart water metering enables valuable features like remote meter reading, leak surveillance and integration with heat/cooling metering and electricity metering systems.

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