Cooling metering

Low cost - high efficiency

Low operation costs

Cooling meters designed for a long life in service with a minimum of maintenance

We launched the first ultrasonic meter in 1991. Time has shown that the ultrasonic technology has been extremely reliable in terms of accuracy over time.

Through research and development we have focused on improving measuring stability over the entire product lifetime.

We can therefore now document that our energy meters

measure correctly and deliver reliable consumption data still after more than 15 years in operation.

Cooling meters can be mains or battery powered. The battery lifetime lasts for up to 16 years.

Long term stability, long battery lifetime and a maintenance free energy meter result in very low operational costs and a low total cost of ownership without compromising the data reliability.

Plug and play

Saves time and money

The modular design in Kamstrup cooling meters means that you can change the communication method without changing the meter. A communication infrastructure with wired M-Bus can be easily changed to wireless M-Bus in case of a retrofitting of the entire metering system.

With the MULTICAL 302 cooling meter extra care has been taken with regard to an easy installation process. One temperature sensor is built into the flow sensor, which means less installation work, and the cooling meter can be configured on site, which secures that the installer will always have the right meter at hand. Furthermore, due to its extremely compact form and circular profile, the MULTICAL 302 can be installed in very narrow spaces. Fast configuration and easy installation mean that less manpower and less stock hold are required than normally.


Multi-utility services

We take pride in being a total solution provider for cooling, water and electricity.

All supply types can be connected to one and the same metering network that can be managed from one and the same workstation in the same data management software.

The great advantage is that contractors need only deal with one manufacturer.


Building on proven technology

Service and support

A service agreement secures a reliable measurement quality and a meter reading solution that reduces manual work and eliminates meter reading errors.

We make it possible for our local partners to build up their own first line support. The same long product lifetime-warranty applies to distributors' customers as well as to our own customers.


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