Simplified tenant metering

A combi-system for submetering

Marina Bay Sands, a luxury hotel, casino and shopping centre in Singapore has been a high profile project. Described as the most expensive building in the world, the project was a true test of our operational and design capabilities. To date, we have installed over 1,500 units of electricity, water and cooling meters in Marina Bay Sands,

all with M-Bus in order for energy and water consumption data to be analysed quickly and easily. We were able to simplify tenant metering by sending the consumption data of all the meters to one location where the bills are printed. We will continue to provide the meters to Marina Bay Sands as and when a new business endeavour comes in.

“Kamstrup metering complements well with our Honeywell Systems Solutions, enhances our tenant billing system package, provides instant data for energy savings analysis and simplifies the billing process. Facility people can see the whole energy consumptions of the property in a glance”.

Joseph P. Evidente, Sales Manager, Honeywell Pte Ltd.

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