Commercial and district metering


Commercial and district metering customers generally represent a smaller percentage of a utility’s customer-base; however consumption from commercial or district metering accounts is typically significantly higher than the average residential customer account.  This makes accuracy from the water meters even more critical on these types of accounts. 

The ability to measure water consumption with pinpoint accuraccy enables utlities to create transparency in their distribution network.  

Durable, watertight construction
flowIQ® 3200 is constructed with stainless-steel piping and is IP-68 rated, meaning it can be installed and continually immersed in water without any risk of water ingress to the meter’s display or internal components. Industrial water meter uses a bidirectional ultrasonic measuring technique to ensure commercial and industrial water consumption is measured accurately at both high and low flow rates. With no moving parts, the meter will maintain the same accuracy as the day it is installed.


Much more than consumption


The meter’s intelligent alarms enable you to quickly and efficiently detect bursts, leaks as well as any instances of reverse flows or tampering attempts. This reduces the water loss and the possible collateral damage to the distribution network.

Kamstrup water meters are engineered to last with strict production, calibration and testing processes to secure a consistently high quality and error margin close to 0% in the entire dynamic range. The production is highly automated and all water meters go through extensive testing and calibration before they leave our production facilities.


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Smart water metering is an intelligent enabler for improving consumer relations and optimizing operations. It is about quality management, revenue protection, asset management and Non-Revenue Water. About being able to make the right choices and chose the right investments.

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What if your meters could hear the leaks you cannot see?

Now, you can let your smart meter work for you to help locate leaks and create an unprecedented transparency in your distribution network. Acting like a fine-meshed network of noise loggers, the flowIQ® 2200 water meters listen to the distribution lines and service connections to detect leaks.

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