Consulting Engineering

You and your customers need products you can rely on. Only that way, you can rest assure that you put your name on lasting, quality solutions. For this reason, we continue developing state-of-the-art solutions that lead the way within submetering. And we have all the necessary certifications and accreditations to support that mission.

We have a long track record of developing high-accuracy water and energy meters, that maintain their precision throughout a long service life, and meter reading systems, that are easy to use. All are based on the open standard Wireless M-Bus, so that no customer is tied to a certain system, integration with ERP, BMS and other systems is simple, and billing can be handled by your customer or a third party. Also, service and support agreements can be fitted your customers’ preferences. This ensures the flexibility needed to gradually adjust to changing needs and conditions and thereby meet the demands of the future. 

Every customer and every project is unique. As specialists in metering, data collection and analysis, we take pride in helping you find the submetering solution that best matches each specific project. For example, we have a range of tools available to help you dimension and specify what you need. 

We have been in the metering business since 1946 and have an AAA credit ranking.

Kamstrup for Engineers

Time is of the essence and you cannot compromise on quality. To make it easy for you to specify the right solutions for your projects, we have created Kamstrup for Engineers; a platform with tools like Meter Selection Tool, 3D drawings and input for tender specifications.

Technical documentation – all specs in one place

In our document library, you find the technical qualities of all our metering solutions. You can download documents one by one or add multiple files to the download-basket and download a combined zipped file.

What do the customers say?

Baston Wonen housing association, the Netherlands

A housing association in the Netherlands wanted the freedom to manage the administration of their residents’ energy bills their own way. With the solution from Kamstrup they can not only do that, they have also optimized their operations and improved the service they offer their tenants.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The luxury hotel, casino and shopping centre in Singapore, described as the most expensive building in the world, have more than 1.500 electricity, water and cooling meters to help simplify consumption metering - among others by sending consumption data from all meters to the location where the bills are printed.