Product course 

For technically responsible persons or metering personnel. It covers functionality and installation of the product as well as options for application, meter reading and analysis.

Installation course

For both new and experienced field engineers, who want to renew or improve their knowledge of Kamstrup meters in terms of installation, inspection and troubleshooting

Repair course

For repair center personnel as well as test and laboratory personnel. It covers repair possibilities along with procedures for executing and testing repairs


For technical personnel who are required to be able to recode, repair and test Kamstrup meters. It covers installation, functionality, application as well as test and verification using the METERTOOL program.

LogView course (data analysis)

For technical personnel who are required to be able to perform data readouts as well as consumption analysis and documentation of Kamstrup meters. The course covers installation, functionality, application and interpretation of data using the LogView program.

Training can either take place locally, carried out by Kamstrup employees or certified and educated partners, or via video conference with Kamstrup employees. 

We recommend on-site training for maximum effect.

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