Your need is our starting point. Whether you need short-term help or long-term consultation for specific tasks or comprehensive projects, we have the necessary expertise to get the job done. 

By leaving all or parts of the task to us, you free up your resources for other activities. You benefit from our extensive knowledge and many years of experience with intelligent metering solutions, projects and infrastructure. Also, our knowledge of the legislative requirements for metering, data handling and security is available to you.

You can choose, for example:


We guide and help you when you choose to establish your own meter reading network.

Legal controls and accuracy tests

We ensure that your meters comply with local legislation for testing and control.

Temporary service

We operate your system via remote connection, while you are closed, on holiday or during periods of temporary staff shortage.

Your benefits

  • Efficient use of your investment budget,
    competencies and resources
  • Optimization of your current solution
  • Assurance of a future-proof solution
  • Security of help from an expert
  • Inspiration for new opportunities

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