When reliability matters

The last piece of equipment used to deliver water to your customers is the meter. Smart water meters are the tools used to bill your customers to cover operating costs and to invest in future capital improvements. Smart water meters also play a pivotal role to ensure a high level of customer service is possible, which builds a foundation of trust between water providers and customers. 

Kamstrup flowIQ® water meters are the first step toward building a smarter distribution network. Download the Building a Smart Distribution Network Guide to learn how you can operate your water system more efficiently in just 4 steps.

Manufactured with precision

What’s the benefit of having your meters manufactured with robotic technology? Our customers find that our automated production process provides them with the highest quality meters that maintain their accuracy the life of the meter.

A Kamstrup flowIQ® smart meter has an industry-leading low flow start at .015 GPM. And it does a lot more than just measuring water usage. It also monitors water and ambient temperatures, notifies the meter reader of leaks, bursts, tamper and reverse flows, and records this data for 460 days.

Smart water meters

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