Analytics for smart water metering

Water Intelligence & Incidents

Utilize the full value of your meter data

The value of your smart meter data goes far beyond accurate billing. The challenge so far has been to utilize its full potential, but with the right tools, you can do just that and transform your meter data into actionable insights.

Kamstrup’s analytics platform for water utilities comprises the two systems: Water Intelligence and Incidents. 

With these, you can effectively go from imagining “What if” to knowing “How to”. 

Your meter data is automatically organized, visualized and analyzed to give you a total overview of your distribution network and to give you the knowledge needed to effectively target your efforts.

Water Intelligence

Turning raw data into value and overview

Water Intelligence offers an unparalleled overview of your different districts with detailed information on inlet flow, consumption and water loss. You can follow the development closely, target your efforts and act as soon as the water loss increases in one district.

A complete overview of the water loss in your network

A map of your supply area provides a constant overview of the water loss in your entire network. Intuitive color coding of your districts immediately shows their status based on your predefined limits for acceptable water loss. This enables you to target your leak detection so you can react in a matter of hours instead of days. 

Continuous monitoring and daily water balances also make it possible for you to follow developments and catch smaller leaks before they develop into large-scale bursts.

Detailed insight into each individual district

For each of your districts you can dive into a detailed view of the supplied and consumed volume as well as the water loss.

Choose and switch between views based on data from the last 24 hours, the last 7 days, the last month or specify the exact period you want to examine closer.

The detailed view lets you track the water loss in a district and, in many cases, it can also help you derive the cause of the water loss. If you also have access to the Incidents system you can also set up alarms so that you are notified automatically if the water loss in a district increases above a pre-defined limit.

Beat the leak

Non-Revenue Water is a big challenge for utilities worldwide. To beat the leak and reduce your NRW, you need to know what actually goes on in your distribution network.

And with the right knowledge at the right time, your fight to reduce NRW and water loss becomes that much easier and more efficient. Smart metering lights up your distribution network and allows you to localize different kinds of NRW and reduce your water loss. 

Watch our movie and learn how smart metering can be an effective tool in the fight to beat the leak.


Incidents constantly watches your distribution network - so you don't have to. You get efficient event management and information about the different digital events in your distribution network that requires your attention such as leaks, dry meters, tampering attempts and more. 

Get eyes on your network - even when you aren't looking

Incidents gives you a complete overview of the different digital events in your distribution network – and the tools to prioritize and handle them. 

All events are shown on a map to make it easy for you to stay up to date on the current state of your distribution network and prioritize which events to handle. You can find irregularities earlier, handle them faster and reduce the consequential damage.

The events included can be alarms, notifications and info codes from supported smart meters, sensors and pumps. The events can even include alarms generated from Water Intelligence if the water loss in one of your districts rises above pre-defined limits.

Incidents gives you the tools needed to handle the events in your distribution area

You can assign events to members of your team for further investigation and an “acknowledge” function ensures that all events are handled.

Comments can be added to the different events to ensure that important information is shared, stored and easily accessible if needed again. 

You can also "snooze" an event if your investigations show that the event is a false positive. This ensures that you can remove irrelevant events, avoid an information overload and get a clear overview of the events that needs your attention.

You are in control
To make sure that you can take action as soon as a critical event, like a large burst, occurs in your distribution network, you can setup alarms and be notified via either email or text message. You decide how severely events should be rated and you can sort them after severity, type, time, active or historical and whether they have been acknowledged. You can even set-up a permanent surveillance of strategically important meters and make different rules for how you want to be notified in case of different event types.

This ensures that you only receive information about relevant events and that you can be assured that your distribution network is being watched - even when you aren't looking.

How meter reading affects the value of your data

Frequent meter readings increases the potential value of your meter data. 

Both Incidents and Water Intelligence can be used by utilities who read their meters via READy Mobile reading or a READy Network. Based on bi-monthly drive by readings, they can support your daily decision making. But the more often you read your meters, the more value you will also be able to realize in terms of optimizing your operations and reducing your NRW and water loss.

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