Strengthen customer awareness of their water consumption

Let your community benefit from automated meter reading

Kamstrup eButler is an online portal that allows your customers to monitor and analyze their water consumption. Consumption data is imported automatically from Kamstrup's smart water meters and customers can access their information securely

using a computer, smartphone, or tablet and unique login credentials. Billing clerks find that adding visibility to customers’ water usage cuts down on administrative time and cost spent on customers concerned about their bill.

Water utilities

Give customers a unique overview of their water consumption and ease the workload with alarms from the water meters to the customers. Let eButler automatically send alarms directly to the customers via text or email.

A complete solution

We take responsibility for the import of data, operation and IT support, if desired. Your water system can get eButler as a tailor-made product with your utility name,
logo, colors, etc. With this delivery model, it is easy for you to focus on your main business, while offering customers unique services at the same time. 

Customer service is easier with eButler

Your customers see a graphical overview of their water usage. They can analyze and identify times of high consumption; the more informed customers are, the easier it is to provide stellar customer service. 

Customers set-up their own usage limits and receive texts or emails when they begin to approach that limit.

Customers can also benchmark with others of similar household sizes—all while keeping personal data secure.


Designed to focus on the customer

From the very beginning, the eButler concept and design has been developed for consumers. We have made user-friendliness a top priority, and focus on accessible functionality rather than diverse functionality, and easily
understood analysis and graphs rather than figures and tables. This approach means your customers focus on the results rather than the tool itself, which is the ultimate goal of educating customers about their consumption.

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