READy is a unique solution for a fast and simple remote reading of water meters

Read your water meters in a flash

READy is Kamstrup's automated meter reading (AMR) system that uses a smartphone or tablet as the meter reading device. READy uses Google Maps to show meter locations.

Meter readers can drive-by to read meters, and then send the readings to the billing department from the field—no office visit required.

The easy way to remote meter reading

It does not have to be hard to get started with remote reading. 

With a READy remote meter reading system, you can say goodbye to manual readings and estimated calculations. Now you can personally read consumption data automatically, without disturbing customers.

Watch the video about READy

Use your smartphone to read meters and drive your data back to base

Using Google Maps, the meters are automatically located on a map on your smartphone. When you drive, your smartphone automatically displays the nearby meters, which meters that are being read, and which meters remain to be read.

You do not need to follow a specific route as the meter reading happens automatically. This means that less driving around is required and your utility can save on fuel.

Costs are kept to a minimum since limited of hardware is required, and because the software can be downloaded via Kamstrup's website and the READy app downloaded from Google Play.

The READy software is easy to use; customer data for each meter are connected to the correct meter using the import function, which eliminates the need to manually enter addresses.

“It’s exciting for us to get a remote meter reading system, because efficiency has really gone up,” says Ms. Holly Gailey, Town Administrator for Town of Urbanna

A stepping stone to more efficient meter reading

If you choose the drive-by meter reading solution, you not only get the perfect solution for reading meters, but you also get a solution that can be expanded with fixed antenna that automatically reads the meters and sends the data back to the utility – without you even having to get in a car.

Get a tool that supports your daily work

The meters and data are processed in READy Manager, which has a simple user interface with a start screen and icon-based navigation, making the program intuitive and simple to use. 
Integrating the existing customer database is typically the first step in the implementation of READy. This is easily done using a generic import function, which makes it possible to import almost any data format. In addition, the data can be checked for errors using a validation function, which ensures that all of the relevant data is accessible in READy Manager.

As soon as the operator, who is responsible for the mobile reading of meters, synchronizes his/her mobile device, the meter data is accessible in READy Manager.

Meters can be read on a daily or hourly basis with fixed data collection units. The overview menu shows all of the meters with info codes including information about the info code as pure text. 

To simplify the integration with third party billing systems, READy Manager provides the option for exporting data in flexible formats. Data can either be exported on an ad hoc basis or by setting up an automatic job, which exports the data at a desired interval. Alternatively, the READy Manager can also be set up to automatically send data via email at desired interval.

Technical information

For more detailed information, just click the button below to download free data sheets, manuals and brochures about READy.

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