Building a smart Water
distribution network

Why water systems are moving toward smart metering

Think about this:

The last piece of equipment used to deliver water to your customers is the meter. Water meters are the tools used to bill your customers to cover operating costs and to invest in future capital improvements. Water meters also play a pivotal role to ensure a high level of customer service is possible, which builds a foundation of trust between water providers and customers.

So how important is selecting the right meter then?  What impact do water meters have on your distribution system and community?

Learn why utilities are switching to ultrasonic meters.

With Kamstrup, you create a foundation of reliable metering that paves the way for building a smarter distribution network.

In 4 steps, you can build a reliable network that benefits your water system and community.

Download the PDF: Building a Smart Distribution Network – Your 4-Step Guide

Imagine being able to implement an AMR system that uses the open technology of Android devices—how much easier and cost-efficient would it be to read meters with your smartphone or tablet?  

What about being able to progress from AMR to AMI with the same meter—how much money and installation time would that save?  

Imagine if your customers could access their own consumption information online to understand why their bill was double what it was last month—how much administrative time would that save?

It's possible to build a smart distribution network. It's an investment that benefits your water system and community in the

short-term and for future generations. All it takes is a first step.

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