AMI water meters

Doing more good
than meets the eye

Our water infrastructure and the water professionals who maintain it play a critical role to ensure our communities thrive. 

In the water industry, there is a lot of talk about smart meters and data analytics. But how can data shorten your to-do list?  How can an automated metering infrastructure add value to your community?

Kamstrup has made improving your water system and community possible by addressing three important areas for water professionals:

• Making your budget planning more predictable
• Improving how your community views their water service
• Requiring no special IT knowledge to install and use

Make your budget planning more predictable

The fewer the components, the less chance for maintenance issues, preventing unplanned budget surges down the road

As your community’s needs change, Kamstrup AMI automatically updates software to meet your needs

Unchanging revenue stream with static flowIQ® ultrasonic meter

Change the way consumers view water

Value-added services like online portals influence opinion of water service

Consumers are empowered to catch leaks on their properties, minimizing subsequent damage

Up-to-date water infrastructure is the foundation for economic growth

No special IT knowledge needed

Let the technology do the work for you; automatic set-up of meters and data collectors allows for simple installation.

Meter has built-in 915 MHz and 450-470 MHz radio bands for a seamless migration from AMR to AMI with same meter.

Read more meters with less equipment, because meters automatically “dial-down” radio transmission power when in close proximity to data collector. 

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Together we can make your water system and community thrive
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