Remote meter reading

of smart water meters

One journey, many possible routes

The benefits of remote meter reading and the potential to optimize your operations are clear, but the path to get to that point may seem daunting or costly. However, it doesn’t need to be.

At Kamstrup, we want to help you on your journey towards more efficient use of your time and, in the long term, towards using meter reading data for more than just billing.

The goal may be the same, but everyone's starting point is different. Together we can help you find the path – and the solution – that matches your water system's needs and wishes.

Automatic meter reading

We rely on our smartphones everyday to help us stay informed, connected, and entertained. Now, your smartphone or tablet can also help you get your job done. Use the AMR solution READy to read Kamstrup smart water meters. It makes the once tedious job of manual meter reading history. 

View this video to see one of our utility customers demonstrate how READy works for them.

Simple to operate

“We are all smiles in Prescott. Even though most of our meters in basements, we did not use a single extended antenna. A 100% read rate for our billing cycle at the end of August is what we were expecting, and your product delivered. The 2 hours and 40 minutes it took to read every water meter in the city compared to the 40+ hours it used to take (not including re-reads) is incredible.” 

– Hank Zwart, Director of Public Works at City of Prescott, WI

One agreement for all Services

We ensure that customers get the full benefit from their investment. This includes a service concept, which makes it easier for utilities to focus on their core business.

A Service Agreement with Kamstrup maintains the high quality of meter reading, and hosting by Kamstrup reduces the customers' manual work and ensures high performance meter reading.

Want to know more about automated meter reading?

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