The tough all-rounder for building and industrial applications!

Possible flow sizes

qp 0.6...30,000 m³/h

Water temperatures

Heating 15 °C...130 °C, Cooling 2 °C...50 °C

Data logger

460 days + 36 months + 15 years + Interval 1...1440 min.


Radio, GSM, LON, M-Bus, Wireless M-Bus

Thermal energy meter for high demands

MULTICAL® 801 – is a high end thermal energy calculator for industrial applications. Effectively protected against dust and humidity and backlit display. A wide range of built-in functions makes this energy meter a single box solution.

The high-end energy calculator

MULTICAL® 801 is a rugged, robust energy calculator that is ideal for commercial and industrial installations with a wide range of communication possibilities. MULTICAL® 801 fulfils the IP67 requirements guaranteeing that the meter is resistant to dust, humidity and water, ensuring that no matter how 

hostile the conditions, the meter will continue accurately measuring.

The calculator can be read remotely using a wide variety of communication methods, some of which are in-built such as pulsed output and 4 analogue outputs.

MULTICAL® 801 also has the capacity for two additional communication modules which include pulse inputs for connection to water and electricity meters. This makes it the most adaptable meter for remote reading functionality.

Data logger

MULTICAL® 801 has data and info loggers that provide information on events such as leakage, burst or power failure and data storage ensuring quick response to problems and meter readings are saved. In conjunction with this, the meter has battery back-up so that when the power is cut, the meter will continue to calculate energy for up to a year without power so no precious energy data is lost. When the calculator is used with the Kamstrup ULTRAFLOW® flow sensors, the meter has the highest measuring quality ensuring long term stability, reliability and low life time costs.

Technical documentation

  • Data sheets
  • Manuals
  • Brochures
  • Technical descriptions
  • Approvals
  • User- and Installation guides

“MULTICAL® 801 serves our large-scale customers just right. These customers often have building automation and benefit from the integrating of the heat meter into the control system. Because this meter has room for two communication forms, they and we can both collect data from the heat meter, even though they may read via LON to CTS and we read via radio.”

Niels Ladefoged, Viborg District Heating, Denmark


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