Unlimited communication

MULTICAL® 602 features a complete range of communication options. The energy meter can be fitted with LON, SIOX, M-Bus, a data module and the solutions Modbus, BACnet MS/TP, Metasys N2 and Ethernet/IP for wired communication. For wireless network integration you can select radio, Wireless M-Bus, ZigBee, or options like GSM/GPRS, 3G GSM/GPRS or High-Power Radio Router with High-Power supply.

All purpose combined heat meter and cooling meter

Possible flow sizes

qp 0.6...qp 3,000 m³/h

Water temperatures

Heating 2 °C…180 °C, Cooling 2 °C…50 °C

Data logger

1392 hours + 460 days + 36 months + 15 years + Interval 1...1440 min.


More than 10 protocols, wired or wireless

Perhaps you are looking for our latest energy meter?

Introducing MULTICAL® 603 

  • Auto Detect
  • Leak detection
  • Remote updating and re-configuring without the need for physical access to the meter.
  • Flexible configuration of data logger to the exact need in the given situation

The energy calculator

The all purpose energy calculator for heat and cooling

This energy calculator can be used with almost any kind of pulsed flow sensors and with 2 or 4 wired temperature sensors. When used with Kamstrup ultrasonic flow sensors (ULTRAFLOW® 54) even more advanced functions are available.

Throughout the lifetime of the meter, precise energy consumption is registered due to its pinpoint accuracy. Minimum yearly operating costs are achieved by the meter being maintenance free guaranteeing the long lifetime of the meter. The MULTICAL® 602 has built-in real-time clock allowing actual date/time to be shown

which makes it easy to fit into all applications independent of reading type. As with all Kamstrup energy meters, the meter has the ability to be read remotely. The meter has the capacity for two communication modules allowing for a wider range of remote reading to be achieved. These include wireless communication such as Wireless M-Bus, radio, GSM/GPRS and hard-wired such as M-Bus.

The calculator’s data loggers and info codes are an invaluable tool in the analysis of energy consumption and troubleshooting. The info logger monitors

key functions such as power failure, leak, burst or incorrect installation. Information codes flash on the calculator’s display to alert the consumer so problems can be dealt with quickly. Consumption data is saved on a yearly, monthly, daily and hourly basis which provides the consumer with a complete performance analysis and if power is lost, the consumer can be assured that this invaluable data will be stored. When combined with Kamstrup ULTRAFLOW® and matching sensors, the MULTICAL® 602 is the meter for all applications.

Smart BTU meter

The programmable data logger in high resolution makes it possible to deploy the MULTICAL® 602 as an intelligent grid sensor for district heating network management.

In the case story from Pirmasens district heating company, Germany, you can read how heat meters serve as sensitive sensors in a district heating network:

“With the powerful MULTICAL® 602 heat meters and remote reading, we now have an optimal system in order to perform effective network management.” Volker Weiland, Department Head, Utility Pirmasens, Germany

Technical documentation MULTICAL® 602

  • Data sheets
  • Manuals
  • Brochures
  • Technical descriptions
  • Approvals
  • User- and Installation guides


The MULTICAL® 6L2 is a light version of the MULTICAL® 602. This light version has fewer communication options and only one front key. Please click the button below to see the product documentation for MULTICAL® 6L2 to learn more.

Product comparison

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Top module
Wired communication
Wireless communication
3rd party flow meters


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