Kamstrup BTU meters

Microprocessor technology and ultrasonic measuring

Kamstrup BTU are produced to MID Approval EN1434 – a stringent European standard that ensures that the accuracy and quality remain constant so you can be confident that every meter is as good as the last. The ULTRAFLOW flow sensors use microprocessor technology and ultrasonic measuring techniques. 

The flow is measured using bi-directional ultrasound based on the transit time method, with proven long-term stability and accuracy. All circuits for calculating and measuring are collected on a single board, providing a compact and rational design in addition to an exceptionally high level of measuring accuracy and reliability.

Service solutions for district energy utilities

As a total solution provider of heat metering solutions, we make sure that heat energy suppliers get the most out of their investment. This includes a service concept that facilitates the core business of utilities and heat energy suppliers.

The true value of an intelligent heat metering system lies in the use of data.

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