Optimizing Distribution Network with New Solution

Detailed knowledge about the distribution network

Kamstrup’s latest smart metering solution consists of three new products that unlock new possibilities for collecting and processing data on consumption, pressure and water loss in the distribution network.

Water utilities now have new opportunities to optimise their operations with Kamstrup’s launch of three products that make it easier to monitor the distribution network, secure the optimal network pressure and reduce water loss: a new pressure sensor, a new solution for district metering and a significant update of the popular READy meter reading system with new tools for data processing and analysis. 

The Kamstrup PressureSensor continuously monitors both the overall pressure as well as harmful pressure surges. The battery-powered pressure sensor is automatically read via a READy network giving the utility updated knowledge and an overview of the opportunities for optimising the pressure.  Maintaining an optimised pressure extends the lifetime of the network, minimises the number of bursts and leakages and reduces energy consumption, all the while delivering the right pressure to the consumer.
“Often, it will be possible to lower the pressure in the distribution network – either permanently or for periods of time. This results in lower operational expenses and energy costs as well as significantly less water loss, as a pressure reduction will reduce the overall network leakage level. Additionally, the registration of harmful pressure surges means that water utilities will be able to identify and eliminate the sources, thereby minimising the risk of damages to the network” says Ricki Korsholm, Product Group Manager at Kamstrup. 

Kamstrup’s new solution for district metering allows water utilities to section their distribution network and thus target their troubleshooting. Moreover, the solution creates the optimal basis for analysis of both water loss and night time consumption. It consists of a MAG8000 water meter connected to a READy Gateway communication unit from Kamstrup, which can be remotely read via a READy network. 

Optimal use of meter data
In addition, Kamstrup has upgraded the popular READy meter reading system and the associated program for data analysis and visualisation, READy Manager. The upgrade will enable water utilities to maximise data utilisation and focus their efforts where the need and the gain is greatest. 

READy Manager now offers visualisation of consumption, map displays of meters, and more. Another important new addition is an effective water loss analysis that updates the total water loss in the entire distribution network or in selected sections, so that the utility can quickly detect leakages and bursts. The utility can also select up to 50 priority meters that will be read in 5-minute intervals, resulting in a more nuanced picture for troubleshooting and pressure optimisation. Finally, READy Manager can be used for active leakage detection and create the basis for prioritising and dimensioning network renovations.

“Meter data becomes really valuable when utilities use them as the basis for making decisions that optimise their business and day-to-day operations. Our new pressure sensor and district metering solution delivers the necessary data, and READy Manager makes it easy to translate this knowledge into actual results” says Steen Schelle, Head of Product Management in Kamstrup.

For further information, please contact:
Head of Product Management Steen Schelle Jensen, Kamstrup, phone: +45 89 93 11 91
Product Group Manager, Ricki Korsholm, Kamstrup, phone: +45 89 93 14 30