Kamstrup meters receive certification

Approval certifies meters meet the state’s standards for accuracy and reliability

Kamstrup, a world-leading supplier of energy and water metering solutions, has received certification from the State of California for the flowIQ® smart water meter for individual metering applications. 
In the wake of California’s first-ever mandatory water restrictions, installing or upgrading to smart meters is an efficient solution to support the state’s mandatory 25 percent reduction.

The purpose of certifying instruments that are used for weighing and measuring, as described by California’s Division of Measurement Standards, is to ensure devices are accurate, reliable, and do not facilitate fraud. Kamstrup’s water meters have undergone thorough performance testing and are approved for individual metering applications.

Smart metering for submetering

Water submetering is the measuring of water consumption after the utility has supplied it to a property. Multi-tenant properties, such as apartment complexes or business parks, receive water from a central source; it is then the responsibility of the property owner to allocate fair billing to their tenants.  

Smart water metering benefits tenants and property managers

Without a reliable water meter, often times water bills are estimated or equally distributed to all tenants and do not reflect actual consumption. Under these circumstances, a family of four and an individual living in the same apartment complex could pay the same for their water. By introducing smart water metering into a property, tenants are ensured fair cost distribution based on actual water consumption. 

Kamstrup’s meters can be read remotely, allowing property managers to read meters without entering into tenants’ homes or place of business. The remote meter reading technology is simple to set up and use; property managers can chose to use a USB stick solution—called USB Meter Reader—or the smartphone solution, READy, which uses Google Maps to map meter locations. As meters are read, consumption data recorded within each meter’s data storage logger is displayed. This information, such as high and low flows, leaks, bursts, or tamper, is an effective tool for property managers to better understand water usage patterns or avoid billing disputes.

Stringent state test requirements

The State of California tested Kamstrup’s smart water meters, which measure based on the ultrasonic measuring principle.

This technology means the meters are precise enough to measure small amounts of water, such as a dripping faucet, as well as maintaining this level of precision for the lifetime of the meter. “The focus of the evaluation was on Kamstrup’s meter design, accuracy, and repeatability, and I am pleased to say we passed with flying colors,” commented Warren Ault, P.E., product manager for Kamstrup Water Metering based in Atlanta, Ga. “Kamstrup's ultrasonic measurement method excelled in particular at low flows; this has historically been a significant hurdle for meters using mechanical measurement methods. 

Kamstrup’s water meters were tested multiple times in both vertical and horizontal mounting positions. The meters are approved in multiple sizes for both cold and hot water applications, up to 140° F/60° C. 

As California imposes its first-ever mandatory water restrictions, now is the time to consider real solutions for conserving water. Introducing smart water meters into multi-unit buildings, such as apartment complexes and business parks, is a cost-effective way to reduce water loss.