Per Asmussen leaves the position of CEO at Kamstrup

For health reasons Per Asmussen will leave his position as CEO in Kamstrup A/S. Since a car accident in 2014, Per Asmussen has suffered from headaches and pains at the neck, and this prevents him from working full time. 

Per Asmussen has been the CEO for Kamstrup since the year 2007, and has headed the electronic company for a period with high growth. The Chairman of Kamstrup, Jørgen Wisborg states: “We very much regret that Per Asmussen for health reasons has to leave Kamstrup. During the competent leadership of Per Asmussen, Kamstrup has more than doubled the revenue and more than quadrupled the earnings. Per Asmussen has focused heavily on product development and Kamstrup is therefore well positioned in the market and has an exciting pipeline of new products. Kamstrup is in a promising position to take market shares and to continue the strong growth. Strong indications are that Q1 2017 will be the best quarter ever in the history of Kamstrup." 

”Kamstrup is at the beginning of an exciting development with new technologies, enabling the utilities to optimize their businesses based on factual and actual information. I foresee a bright future for Kamstrup and I am sure my successor will get the most exciting job in Denmark,” adds Per Asmussen. 

The Board will in corporation with Steen Gerhard Executive Services start looking for a replacement for Per Asmussen, who will continue in the job until a successor is in place. 

For further information, please contact Jørgen Wisborg at +45 89 32 22 11.

Kamstrup produces intelligent solutions for metering and optimization of water, heat, and electricity supply globally. The company, with headquarters in Stilling, Denmark, employs 1200 people in 24 countries, and expect at revenue of DKK two billion in 2017.