Why waste water?

World Water Day 2017

Water is…

Vital... Precious... Scarce... Our Responsibility

Every year, World Water Day highlights a specific aspect of water. This is a great occation for celebrating water as one of our most vital resources and to stop and think about how we can preserve it for the next generations. 
Under the theme "Water and Wastewater", World Water Day 2017 highlights the different aspects of sustainable use of water. In that setting we need to ask ourselves again how we can fight the global water challenge. Because by 2030, the global demand for water is expected to grow by 50%. So water has to be managed carefully from fresh water abstraction, treatment and distribution to use, collection and post-treatment.
At Kamstrup, we provide innovative solutions that help utilities live up to the responsibilities of their part of the water cycle - delivering safe and clean water to the communities they serve, while saving water and giving the opportunity to help their customers do so. We believe that by working together we can help reduce water waste and make water saving a manageable task.
Explore how you can optimize your water distribution so you can lower your water loss and learn how your customers, the end-users, can be a valuable key to unlocking a great water saving potential.

How can you take action?

Non-Revenue Water is a well-known global problem, causing large volumes of water, which is a finite resource, to be lost. It is also a concrete challenge faced by water utilities every day, as a consequence of increasing urbanization and demand, price increases and aging distribution mains.

So how can water professionals not just manage these challenges, but overcome them and improve the distribution network in the process? We believe that by working together we can help reduce water waste and make water saving a manageable task.

Water waste and non-revenue water is a global challenge, but with the 
right solutions we can overcome it. Together.

A Kamstrup solution

A Kamstrup water metering solution represents the next generation of smart metering. By combining the latest ultrasonic technology with remote reading, our water solutions offer customers the highest levels of control, efficiency and flexibility.

Smart water meters for residential and industrial use