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You have a choice to make

Either you look at your supply business with a bit of breathlessness over all the many new demands and challenges. Or you also see amazing opportunities for creating new value. At Kamstrup, we have built a structured and inspiring platform of options so it will be easy for you to take the next step toward sustainable business. Through smart metering and data, you get full transparency over YOUR supply network - and tangible knowledge that moves your business.

Heat Intelligence - When you know what happens under ground…

You will be able to 

  • Locate your heat loss
  • Document your quality of delivery
  • Monitor your load and capacity
  • Identify what stresses your network

Introducing SCADA for district heating distribution

The value embedded in smart meter data is undeniable, but unlocking that value requires the right tools. Kamstrup’s new analytics platform, Heat Intelligence, is a direct result of our continuous investment in maximizing the value our customers get from their data.

The business case for digitalised district heating

The decarbonization of heating systems is no longer a question of ‘if’ but rather ‘how soon’. With increasing focus from all industry levels on the potential in district heating as the vehicle to make it happen, it is crucial to use current positive developments as stepping stones to making the digitalisation of district heating a reality.

We have looked at the business case of moving to remotely read meters and the potential for optimization.

Your value of data

In a supply world filled with buzzwords and complexity, you get an overview and profits. We've gathered nine concrete steps and tips to get more value from the data you get from your supply network.

7 articles about digitalization and energy efficient heat supply

Digitalization – buzz or business?

The continued development of district heating calls for digitalization of everything,
from technologies to workflows and analysis tools to support utilities in their
work tasks and decisions - but can digitalization deliver what it promises?

The new energy reality

Today’s energy challenges call for smarter and more energy
efficient cities focusing on sustainable resource utilization.

Shifting focus and raising the bar

The integration of renewables and waste heat requires intelligent cross-sector
energy systems. The intelligent and integrated energy system focuses on high
energy efficiency in order to reduce energy waste.

The need for efficiency

Greater efficiency and better utilization of the capacity in the existing network 
rather than expanding and upgrading pipelines represents considerable savings 
for district heating utilities because it allows them to defer or completely avoid 
investments in assets that tie up capital for many years to come.

Transparency is key

The prerequisite for high energy efficiency and the very foundation
of the green transition is transparency. Only the frequent data provided 
by smart metering enables transparency.

Engaging the end user

Smart metering technology allows district heating utilities to target poor 
user behavior and lets consumers take an active part in achieving 
a sustainable energy future.

District heating in the future

Cutting-edge technology and increased digitalization combined with the know-how 
and ambitions of experienced industry players will drive district heating to the next level. 
The future starts today!

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