Accurate, robust and extremely versatile

MULTICAL® 303 provides utilities and building administrators with data they need for accurate consumption billing and optimizing the energy efficiency of buildings and distribution networks. Datagrams are easily configurable to your specific needs.

To make things even easier, MULTICAL® 303 is designed for remote reading, so that you always have the needed data at hand without spending time on data collection and disturbing consumers. Use the meter with our remote reading system READy to experience the value of meter data without any hassle.

The compact MULTICAL® 303 is especially relevant for use in apartment buildings due to its small size and extreme versatility when it comes to installation. Position, energy unit and much more can be configured on-site by means of a one-button system without any need for special tools or equipment.

Designed to fit in anywhere

Whether mounted horizontally, vertically or on walls, MULTICAL® 303 can be adjusted to perfectly fit its surroundings. The compact heat meter can be rotated during installation within narrow dimensions enabling optimal reading of the display at all times in the most confined spaces.

The flow sensor is very robust with respect to the turbulence that tends to occur in these installations due to the close proximity to valves, bends etc. This makes MULTICAL® 303 the ideal choice for e.g. apartments and heat interface units, where space is limited.

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A complete solution for your submetering needs

Meter reading and consumption billing are time-consuming tasks for many property managers around the world. And with increasing demands for energy efficiency, there’s even more on your plate now. So why not make life more simple?

Ideal for both residential and commercial property management, industry and institutions, a submetering solution from Kamstrup gives you a complete overview of heat/cooling, water and electricity consumption.

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