OMNIPOWER® Three-phase meters

Intelligent three-phase electricity meter for consumption up to 100A for households and industry

The OMNIPOWER® three-phase electricity meter is optimized for smart metering systems and offer multiple features designed to maximize the utilization of utility assets. Voltage quality measurement, logging of events and real-time load profile generation for all four quadrants are standard features, and in addition, the meter supports a wide range of communication types.
The OMNIPOWER® three-phase meter is prepared for smart home applications via the HAN interface.

A 3-phase meter comes in many shapes and variants. Whether you need a meter with or without breaker, a DIN-rail variant or a meter with or without preset encryption, it is part of the OMNIPOWER® product range.

Can robots move a utility’s bottom line?

In our fully automated production facility, the robots move much more than just components and meters. They have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Smart meter reading

Kamstrup OMNIA® is a complete smart metering system that supports all the daily tasks involved in remote reading of smart meters and management of meter data and communication network. It’s flexible, modular and scalable from piloting to large-scale rollouts.

Get more out of your meter data

Turn smart meter data into an ROI driver and improve your distribution grid, your operations and your planning. Kamstrup Power Intelligence provides actionable insights based on advanced analysis and intuitive visualization and helps utilities tackle the challenges of an increasingly electrified world.

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