Multi-utility AMI

Maximize efficiency and gain more value of data with a second-generation multi-utility solution

Adding intelligence begins with knowledge

Multi-utility smart metering used to be about collecting consumption data from heat/cooling, water and electricity meters and using them for accurate billing. Now, in the days of the digital utility, this is far from enough. That’s why second-generation multi-utility solutions focus on generating more value from smart meter data. 

We have spent decades developing smart meters and AMI systems for district heating, water and electricity in close cooperation with the utilities who use them. That has given us the in-depth knowledge and understanding needed to create a complete multi-utility solution that addresses the everyday challenges within the utility sector, regardless of whether your business is district heating, water or electricity distribution.

9 utilities, 192,000 metering points

The investment in a shared intelligent multi-utility system has not only meant significant benefits and savings for the nine members of the MV Group and their customers. The system’s flexibility has also made it possible for a number of smaller utility companies to become part of the collaboration.

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