Smart meter reading

Optimize your smart metering processes with the OMNIA® smart grid platform – a modular, scalable next-generation AMI system.

Get started in no time

OMNIA® Express is a cloud-based standard package that lets you try out the system quickly with a minimal investment. Should your needs eventually go beyond the standard OMNIA® functionality, it’s always possible to expand the solution. Read more about the why’s of the emerging SaaS trend in the utility industry on our blog.

Choosing the right communication technology

With an ever-growing number of communication technologies available for smart metering systems, each with its pros and cons, the choice is far from easy and depends on numerous factors.

As experts in wireless communication technology, we help utilities choose the right communication infrastructure. Kamstrup OMNIA® allows power utilities to mix and match radio mesh and cellular communication technologies – and to switch to a new technology when the need arises. Current choices include RF Mesh and 2G/4G cellular technologies. Other cellular technologies like NB-IoT and LTE-M are underway.

1 million meters for Radius

Radius has chosen Kamstrup’s modular OMNIA® smart grid platform for the biggest smart metering project in Scandinavia. Delivered as Metering as a Service, the project includes numerous integrations to other business systems as well as the installation and operation of 1 million electricity meters and a complete AMI system until 2034. The project reached the halfway mark in September 2018 with 500,000 meters deployed.

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