High water bills lead to smart meter solution

Horizon Apartments, Lexington, SC

At Horizon Apartments, property owner Rick Tangri faced a challenge common among property owners:

He billed his tenants a flat rate for water, but his property water bills continued to rise. Unsure of where the high water bills were stemming from, Mr. Tangri decided to explore smart water meter options as a way to save water and money.

Researching the right metering solution
Like many of us, his search for the right solution began online. After a lot of research and phone calls to meter manufacturers, Tangri decided to install Kamstrup flowIQ® smart water meters with USB Meter Reader automated meter reading (AMR) software. 

“What attracted me to Kamstrup is that, while the meter costs were similar to others, the reading software was significantly less expensive,” said Tangri of Horizon Apartments. Immediately upon installing the smart meters, Tangri noticed a substantial reduction in his water bills.
“A few times a year, someone leaves their toilet running non-stop without telling us, for example,” commented Tangri. “With Kamstrup’s meters, we can find these leaks more quickly and fix the problem to reduce water loss and ultimately my overall water bill.”

“We see the value it brings because we are saving month after month on our water bills.”

Talking hard numbers
“We invested $10,000 into our smart meter purchase,” said Tangri. “And already, we are seeing a $1,000 monthly reduction in our overall water bills since January 2015.” In less than one year, Horizon Apartments will see a return on their
investment, an investment that included both smart meters and the remote meter reading hardware and software.
“I am really happy with this solution,” comment Tangri. “We see the value it brings because we are saving month after month on our water bills.”  

The solution:

Company: Horizon Apartments, LLC in Lexington, SC

Metering Technology: flowIQ® smart ultrasonic meters and USB Meter Reader AMR software

Benefits Realized: Savings of $1,000 per month on water bill