“Kamstrup's technology lets us collect data on factors like voltage and delivery quality, so the grid is fully under control. A Smart Grid.”

Per Nielsen, Technical Manager at RAH Service A/S

Eight utilities - One smart grid platform

One of the largest intelligent combi-systems in Denmark reads electricity, heat and water

The MV group is a consortium of eight utility companies that supply electricity, heating and water, and together have invested in a combined smart grid platform to read and manage all consumer meters: OMNIA Suite. The roll-out of the combined system, which consists of 153,000 intelligent energy and heat meters, is one of the largest meter replacement projects in Denmark.

The OMNIA system means that the utility companies are having all measuring points for water, heating and electricity replaced, and in future these will be remotely read. Everything will be combined in a single intelligent system capable of handling all supply forms and delivering large quantities of operational data to the utility companies, thus

providing far better means of monitoring supplies to consumers.

“Monitoring provides us with better and more detailed information about the supply grid here and now, so that we know exactly where we can optimise it. It is definitely an essential part of the investment that we can run as close to maximum as possible,” says Mr Nielsen.

Kamstrup as total supplier

The intelligent system with remote reading will consist of 109,000 OMNIPOWER electricity meters, 24,000 MULTICAL® 21 water meters and 20,000 MULTICAL® 402 heating meters. The roll-out will take two and a half years, and is expected to be completed at the end of 2016. Besides delivering the meters, Kamstrup is responsible for all installation

and will be in charge of service and support for five years.

Positive business case

The system will prove an advantage all round for consumers, the utility companies and the national economy. Although in connection with the roll-out there will be an extra cost to consumers of about Euro 8 – 11, calculations from the Danish Energy Agency and others indicate that the consumer can reduce annual consumption by two per cent due to the greater awareness possible with an intelligent meter. For an ordinary household that means an annual saving of Euro 24.5. At the same time, the electricity meters will help to increase competition on tariffs which will save a further Euro 15.

“We expect payback time to be under 10 years and the expected lifetime is 14 – 16 years.” 

Per Nielsen, Technical Manager at RAH Service A/S

Efficiency with new system

A real boost in service levels

When installation of the meters is completed, Mr Nielsen expects annual costs to be far lower for all eight utility companies. For one thing, the intensive manual handling of annual meter readings will be transferred to automatic operation, while leak monitoring will also be more efficient with the new system.

“We will be able to offer our consumers a completely different level of service. There has been a demand for some time for leak monitoring in connection with heating, and now it will be integrated into the system.

New services will presumably come to

light too as we complete the roll-out. Instead of payment on account, monthly billing might be a step worth taking. It is certainly something we will look at, even though it is ultimately a political decision," Mr. Nielsen continues.

Danish Smart Grid in 2020

The consortium's investment is partly triggered by the fact that the mechanical meters are due for replacement, and partly by the government decision that all Danish electricity meters must be wirelessly read before the end of 2020, so that consumers can follow their consumption hour by hour.

The roll-out of

the wirelessly read meters is at the core of the Danish government's smart grid strategy, as the intelligent supply grid will prepare for green restructuring. This green restructuring will mean that as much as 50 per cent of the electricity supply will come from wind energy in 2020.

“We are very pleased about the contract with the MV Group. The Executive Order had been anticipated by the entire industry since it paves the way for implementing and setting up many projects the utility companies have already planned,” states Per Asmussen, Chief Executive Officer Kamstrup A/S.
8 utilities - 153,000 metering points

Thy-Mors Energi, Struer Forsyning, MES Brande, Grindsted El, Vand og Varme Forsyning, Ringkøbing Fjernvarme, Ringkøbing-Skjern Forsyning, Ikast Værkerne, RAH Service.

One OMNIA Smart Grid Suite

- OMNIPOWER electricity meters

- Smart water meters

- MULTICAL 402 heat meters

- Service, support and operation agreement

- Smart meter reading with Radio Mesh Network and GPRS Intelligent leak monitoring