By choosing a supplier that took responsibility for the full system implementation, Övertorneå Energi was ensured of a high meter reading performance and frequent data to provide optimal value from their smart grid investment.

Smart grid investment with long-term benefits

The energy company Övertorneå Energi, located in the northern part of Sweden, wanted a high-performance smart grid system that would read all electricity meters in their network automatically in order to comply with current legislative requirements for hourly values of consumer consumption. 

Equally important, though, was the demand for the company’s new smart grid solution to also be prepared for future regulations and functionality requirements to ensure they made a long-lasting investment. “Our goal was to find a system that could handle the statutory requirements today as well as be prepared for future regulations,” says Henrik Luttu, CEO, Övertorneå Energi. 

Kamstrup was chosen to supply both the new intelligent electricity meters as well as their smart grid system, OMNIA, including system installation, development of export files, network planning along with final analysis and clean-up to ensure the required system performance was achieved. 

In addition to providing the basis for billing, the real-time data provided by the OMNIA system would also allow precise calculations and analysis that were not possible with the utility’s old system. This enables Övertorneå Energi to monitor their distribution network closely, thereby improving asset management, optimizing operations and facilitating the increasing integration of renewable energy sources.

“Throughout the project process, Kamstrup’s team of salespeople, project management, and technicians has remained the same. This provided a high degree of credibility and confidence.” 

Henrik Luttu, CEO Övertorneå Energi.

Optimal planning and expert execution

The implementation of the new system was run as a project led by a dedicated team from Kamstrup. This approach gave Övertorneå Energi a full overview of the project without tying up their own personnel and resources. 
Leaving the project management to their system supplier meant that Kamstrup handled the implementation of the system – from start to finish. For Övertorneå Energi, this not only ensured optimal project planning and reduced the risk of errors. It also meant leaving the responsibility for the completion of the project in the hands of an experienced specialist ensuring efficient problem solving along the way.
Kamstrup’s project team was led by a project manager who held the overall responsibility for the project and made sure that all tasks were carried out according to plan. 

The project was run according to Kamstrup’s project model for system delivery, which is characterized by clearly defined roles and responsibilities, a streamlined process and full documentation on a shared platform.
The responsibilities of the team of experts included everything from the establishment of the network including ongoing quality checks and stability readings to handling the complete IT setup, data security, and system training as well as the integration between the utility’s and Kamstrup’s IT systems.
According to Henrik Luttu, having a dedicated team with specialist knowledge was a huge advantage: “Throughout the project process, Kamstrup’s team of salespeople, project management, and technicians has remained the same. This provided a high degree of credibility and confidence.”

A project driven by
a clear focus

The cooperation between Övertorneå Energi and Kamstrup worked well. In addition, due to the project implementation being led by the system supplier, there was a constant focus on – and push for – progress to ensure that the new system delivered as promised regardless of whatever challenges had to be solved in the process. 
Looking back, Henrik Luttu doubts that the project could have been completed in the same timeframe, if it had not been run as a project: “Had the project not been run by Kamstrup, I don’t think we would have experienced the same progress and the system would have taken much longer to implement”.

Meter data with added value  

The primary goal for Övertorneå Energi continues to be a stable supply of electricity for their customers. However, the high meter reading performance and increased frequency of data from the new smart grid system opens up to the possibility of the utility using data for other and more advanced purposes than billing their customers accurately . 
Added value in the form of improved service offerings and further involvement of their customers on the road to higher energy efficiency are among the benefits of a grid that is truly smart today and will continue to be long into the future.
About the project:
OMNIA electricity (Legacy and Mesh controller)
Metering points: approx. 3,500
Project delivery: Project management, planning, IT installation, system integration and support, radio network implementation and clean-up.
Project period: December 2013 – May 2015
Installation was carried out by own electricians and external contractors