Comprehensive smart grid system provides better real-time data on Åland

“We have invested in a high-performing system that is capable of delivering real-time data from all consumers and from the outermost ends of the low-voltage grid.”

Jan Wennström, CEO, Åland’s Elandelslag

Positive business case

Provided by holistic smart grid solution

ÅEA (Åland’s Elandelslag – Åland power distributor) opts for a complete OMNIA smart grid system to upgrade its meter reading system from a simple AMR to a complete large-scale smart grid including 15,000 smart meters, a wireless communication infrastructure and software for meter data management.

The Åland Islands in the Baltic Sea have status as an autonomous Swedish-speaking region of Finland. With the impending roll-out of the comprehensive OMNIA system, they have taken a huge step into the smart grid age. The advancement is facilitated by Kamstrup’s OMNIA smart grid platform, which comprises all elements for a holistic smart grid solution. The system provides possibilities for substation monitoring, voltage quality profiles and detection of total harmonic distortion from each metering point, which will give the grid owner a unique
insight into their distribution net.

Grid performance optimization requests hourly readings
ÅEA’s previous PLC-based AMR system was unable to meet new demands for hourly readings. Jan Wennström, CEO at ÅEA explains: “We have invested in a high-performing system that is capable of delivering real-time data from all consumers and from the outermost ends of the low-voltage grid. Our previous AMR had become outdated because our needs for information are continuously increasing. We must be able to make precise estimates and diagnostics in order to optimize our grid performance and make targeted trouble shooting and targeted investments. It is not enough to have a meter reading system for billing purposes alone. We need to harvest more data from more parameters which will help us build a positive business case.”
Enhanced meter reading system makes positive business case
ÅEA expects the new system to bring about a positive smart grid business case owing to the enhanced meter reading performance that will procure real-time data for the sake of invoicing based on hourly meter readings, and furthermore enable grid optimization and a smooth integration of renewable energy sources. By this investment, ÅEA is preparing for future legislation demands and higher customer demands for measuring services.

Best total solution
Kamstrup was chosen because the company could offer the best total solution, and because of the exceptional usability of the plug and play OMNIA metering system.

ÅEA has previously had convincing experiences with Kamstrup meters, and trusts in the supplier to be a warrant for high quality products.

“Kamstrup has a high technological reputation including the best radio communication on the market, and a reputation for being a reliable and stable partner”

Jan Wennström, CEO, Åland’s Elandelslag

Åland's Elandelslag, Finland


- Comprehensive Omnia Smart Grid-system:

- 15,000 smart meters

- Wireless communication infrastructure

- Meter data management system

Timeframe 2013