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Water metering solutions for water companies

Water loss and billing errors are a worldwide challenge. Water companies that invest in smart water metering can more easily detect leaks in the distribution network and provide better customer service.

Individual metering of energy and water

Housing associations, hotels and shopping centres … Individual metering – or submetering – of the energy and water consumption can improve the energy balance and secure a better service for the tenants.

Heat metering for district heating utilities

District heating is one of the most energy efficient supply sources. Smart heat metering and remote meter reading can ensure an even better exploitation of our common resources.

Electricity metering and Smart Grid solutions

High performing system solutions for the power supply are the foundation of a truly smart grid. We secure grid transparency and enable the balancing of demand and supply.

System solutions for multi-utilities

Utilities that supply a combination of power, water and heat face special challenges. Kamstrup provides meters for all supply types and a combined solution for remote meter reading, data management, analysis and hosting.

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