Convincing results from Sweden, Finland and Denmark tipped the balance in favour of the Kamstrup-solution

First step towards full smart grid roll-out

“It was important for us to choose a solution based on proven technology”

Ringeriks-Kraft was the first energy company in Norway to implement a smart metering system since the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) issued the directive about countrywide implementation of smart meters before January 1, 2017. The installation was completed in 2013.

Project manager, Morten Sjaamo, from Ringeriks-Kraft says: “It was important for us to choose a solution based on proven technology which is why we ended up with Kamstrup as supplier of both meters and communication infrastructure. Kamstrup’s technology has shown convincing results from projects in Sweden, Finland and Denmark.”

The energy company will be able to benefit from a more accurate billing and a smoother communication with their customers due to automatic and on demand collection of hourly values from the meters and a two-way communicating system. The precise load profile of single meters and of whole areas will strongly improve the energy efficiency for the benefit of the environment and the economy.

Mr. Sjaamo summarizes the smart metering investment as a major step towards a more efficient, holistic and quality approved process from data collection to billing, a step leading to the full Smart Grid implementation.

“It was important for us to choose a solution based on proven technology”

Morten Sjaamo, Project Manager, Ringeriks-Kraft

Power Utility Ringeriks-Kraft, near Oslo, Norway

Project: 22,000 smart meters and a radio mesh smart metering system

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Morten Sjaamo, Project Manager



Per-Otto Lie, General Sales Manager

Call: +47 40005523

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