New smart metering system means substantial operational savings at Nord Energi

Rolling out smart meters to 91,000 households

"Our investment will guarantee us substantial operational savings in the future and will give our customers a wide range of benefits."

Nord Energi replaces old electricity meters with smart meters and rolls out Kamstrup's Smart Grid system OMNIA until the end of 2015.
As turnkey supplier, Kamstrup is to operate the system for 15 years; it will also be responsible for installation and the supply of operational data, so that Nord Energi can monitor and optimise the supply of electricity to its customers.

Nord Energi is a consumer-owned energy company which supplies 91,000 households in North Jutland with electricity. 
A particular feature of this supply area is the fact that at least 10 percent of the customers' properties are holiday cottages, which presents some very specific challenges in relation to customers taking their own readings, visits by technicians, etc. Nord Energi has thus become accustomed to a certain percentage of the customers quite simply forgetting to take the annual reading, just as the
supply company must also struggle with incorrect consumption figures.     

Kamstrup is the turnkey supplier

Kamstrup is supplying the 91,000 electricity metres over two cycles and is rolling out the Smart Grid system OMNIA over 2½ years. The agreement with Nord Energi means that Kamstrup is the turnkey supplier for this major project and will operate the system for 15 years. Kamstrup will also be responsible for the installation and supply of operational data, so that Nord Energi can monitor and optimise the supply of electricity to its customers.

For the customers, the new, intelligent electricity metres mean that in future there will be no need for them to take their own readings, which also makes life easier for Nord Energi. At the same time, customers will have the option of monitoring their consumption hour by hour and thus take more notice of
where to find savings in their electricity consumption. 

Smart Grid provides optimum operation

In December 2013, an announcement was made that all electricity metres in Denmark would switch to being read remotely before the end of 2020. With Nord Energi's investment, the energy company is acquiring an intelligent supply network that is fully prepared for the green switchover.

Fossil fuels are currently responsible for around 50 per cent of power consumption in Denmark. In line with the fact that fossil fuels are being replaced by wind power to a much greater extent, this provides different tariffs and thus a further incentive for customers to keep an eye on their consumption.   
"When the roll-out has been completed, Nord Energi's electricity supply will be equipped for optimum operation and will live up to the government's Smart Grid objectives", says Per Asmussen, Managing Director at Kamstrup.

Nord Energi, Denmark


- OMNIA Smart Grid Suite 

- 91,000 OMNIPOWER smart meters

- Installation and operation agreement for 15 years

Time frame 2013-2015

Contact for more information

Peder Kjeldgaard, Managing Director, Nord Energi

Call: +45 9924 5656

Anders Nystrup, Sales Manager, Kamstrup

Call: +45 8993 1144

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